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DUVAL Property Group Limited (2 NEDs)

New Zealand, New Zealand. Vacancy ID: 740

Position Description

This is a pivotal time for DVPG as we navigate through the final stages of what has been a difficult time in the sector, to become IPO-ready in the next 2-years. This is your opportunity to make your mark on a trusted business that has a bright, growing, and successful future.
Key responsibilities of DVPG Board members include:
• Strategy and Vision: The board is responsible for developing and overseeing the company's strategic plan, ensuring it aligns with DVPG's mission, vision, and values
• Shareholder Engagement: Engaging with key shareholders and fostering trusted relationships to enhance DVPG’s influence and reach
• Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements governing the sector. Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of relevant regulations and standards
• Governance: Board members are responsible for ensuring that DVPG operates within a robust governance framework. This includes developing and implementing effective policies, procedures, and protocols that promote transparency, accountability, and ethical behaviour
• Financial Management: The Board is responsible for overseeing the company's finances, ensuring that DVPG operates within a sustainable financial framework. Board members must provide effective financial oversight, including approving and monitoring budgets, ensuring that the company's financial statements are accurate and up-to-date, and ensuring that the company has adequate financial reserves
• Risk Management: Identifying and managing risks associated with DVPG's operations and product offerings. Ensuring effective risk assessment and mitigation strategies are in place

Remuneration: $60,000 per year (NZD)

About The Organisation

DUVAL Property Group Limited (DVPG) is a large-scale residential developer, based in and focused on the communities of South Auckland. Our Vision is High-Quality, Affordable, Lower-Cost Homes.

From roots as a family-office founded company, we are a fast-maturing corporate entity with leading processes, policies, and systems, to deliver our recently developed 10-year Strategy – focused on delivering more than 1,000 homes a year for Aucklanders.

With a valuation of $400M, a newly diversified shareholder base, and a proven record of delivering homes for first-home buyers and investors alike, DVPG is leading the way in affordable residential townhouse development – and with our ongoing sponsorship of the Blues, we are all about backing local!

Selection Criteria

We are seeking up to two new Independent Directors, who can contribute their strong expertise in:
• Developing, managing, launching, and maintaining new products that meet market needs and regulatory requirements
• Innovative approaches to heighten safety, health, and wellbeing outcomes so our people and partners benefit from increased productivity and profitability
• Risk assessment, including the ability to evaluate and mitigate risks associated with different types of construction activities and developments
• Existing and new relationships or partnerships in the sector which can enhance the outcomes of DVPG
• Legal and regulatory frameworks governing the development sector, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations
• Creating and driving high-performance, so management teams exceed expectations and deliver to key outcomes in the business plan
• Analysing data and trends to inform the identification of business development opportunities and partnerships to expand DVPG’s reach and influence in the industry
• Connecting deeply with customers to understand and respond to their needs, adding value to sales strategies and outcomes
• Strong financial acumen, including the ability to assess the financial viability of new and existing developments and products
• At least five years of previous experience serving on Boards or Committees, or as a senior executive – particularly in relevant roles

Proven experience in the Property Development industry, with an understanding of related regulations, compliance, and market dynamics, is advantageous

How To Apply

Apply via Seek:
Position Sought: Independent Non-Executive Director
Organisation Type: Private Company
Industry/Sector: Construction / Property / Housing / Real Estate
Skill Sought: Building & Trades, Compliance, Data Science / Data Analytics, Finance, Financial Oversight, Health and wellbeing, Health, Safety & Environment, Innovation, Law, Product Strategy, Regulation, Risk Management
Closing Date: 24/06/2024
State: New Zealand
Remuneration: Director fees
Duration of Appointment: 3 Years

Dr. Mark Long, Director

[email protected]

+64 27 325 2649